Patrick Reed
Typically Paddy is more one for drawing than painting. In drawing he uses repetitive circles in a disciplined nature; painting on the other hand he is very free and expressive. Paddy is an abstract expressionist. He explores different mediums in a playful manner similar which echoes his personality. He has a great eye for colour when painting and uses a very unique grip on the brush to create his master pieces. Paddy likes to be helpful, doing jobs generally, but when he paints he finds calmness and relaxation.
related artists
  • Eric is influenced by his emotions, which is shown through his use of colour and composition. His works feature a striking command of balance and harmony.
  • Michelle is multidisciplinary artist who enjoys working with paint, collage, screenprinting and sculpture among other mediums.
  • Vibrant colours, striking repetition. Watching Ross at work in the studio is an amazing experience with each stroke applied with such care and purpose.
  • Paul's recent works have a pop art aesthetic and exhibit vibrant colours layered in detailed line work. Paul often uses historical Australian figures as inspiration for his work.
  • John's work often explores playful subject matter through bold abstract compositions. He is prolific artist who always enjoys working with paint on drawing.
  • Rowan is an abstract expressionist, he works quickly and focuses when he is being creative. He prefers to paint at the easel so he can move his whole body with each stroke.
  • Surreal, imaginative characters. Peter White's work is filled with incredible, unearthly faces constructed with complex colour and movement.
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