Film & Multimedia

Feature Film – Beta (2014)

Beta, it will make you obsolete… Beta is a horror flick about a group teenagers who get more than they bargained for when make a discovery in an abandoned asylum. Written, performed,produced and directed by the Interact Arts film team, it’s a harrowing 30 minute tale and the groups first foray into a longer form movie. Check it out, share and spread the word!
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Credits: Written, Produced & Directed by the Interact Arts Multimedia Team (Astrid, Brinley, Dorian, Jeremy, Paul & Liam)

Prisoner (2012)

Created by the multimedia team, ‘Prisoner’ is re-imagining of the classic Australian television program Prisoner Cell Block H. Filmed in and around the Abbotsford Convent and edited by Kelly.

Jailhouse Rock (2009)

An excerpt from the multimedia team’s ‘Countdown’ project. This section features a remake of Elvis Presley’s ‘Jailhouse Rock’ film clip, with John Kirkbride in the role of ‘the king’!

More coming!

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